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ByB Interview by Inc. Magazine

As part of the new Kauffman Labs initiative, Tim of ByB was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine. In 20 years, Tim hopes his last 7 years will be obsolete to the tune of scientific progress. Then, Oh Brave New World!, onwards to the declarative memory problem. 🙂

ByB Interviewed by Ray Suarez

Ray Suarez, of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, recently interviewed ByB for a TV feature on entrepreneurship, focusing on various towns in U.S. Hopefully we’ll make the cut for the show in December! Ray was a friendly fellow, asking a lot of questions about the neural signals, synapses, and cockroaches. In good humor, he posed with our humble friends (see his shoulder).

Ray with Invertebrate

ByB teaches Undergraduate and Graduate Students about Neurons

Tim recently taught the Neurophysiology Section of a Biomedical Engineering Course, “Quatitative Physiology,” at the University. Notably, this was the first time ByB did its cricket ganglia nicotine experiment in a public setting. Did it work? Maybe…the smooth metal of the desk table made the manipulator very slippery with its brick support, and holding onto the neuron proved challenging. But you can listen for yourself! Below are links to the five lectures (each 30-50 minutes long) you may enjoy as an intro to neural engineering. The cricket experiment is at the beginning of lecture 5; you can notice from Tim’s initial “Uh” interludes that doing a tough experiment while narrating can be a bit challenging at first 😉

Lecture 1: Neural Recording

Lecture 2: Neural Data Analysis

Lecture 3: Manipulating the Brain

Lecture 4: The Electrode Problem

Lecture 5: NeuroProsthetics