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We are at NSTA, booth 1432

We are in Boston at NSTA (National Science Teacher’s Association), booth 1432, from Thursday 11 AM – Saturday 5 PM. We also have workshops Saturday in room 107A at 8 AM and 2 PM. Come by, say hello, and see some new SpikerShield and Microscope Inventions.

Mending Love: The Human-Human-Interface is now Available

Of the many problems that exist in this world, many would agree that at a personal level… the most drastic problem is the lack of connection between people. The probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40-50%, with many divorcees claiming that “the feeling simply went away,” disappearing into the ether of space.  The psychological stress at home costs employers an estimated $200 billion per year due to loss in productivity of dysfunctional or unhappy team members.

One of the cornerstones of couples counseling is to put oneself into their partner’s shoes.  “How did you feel when I did X?” or, even harder, “How did I feel when you did Y?”  Couples often complain that this exercise is difficult, as personal hangups block empathy towards the other person.  If there was an easier way to create an open communication pathway between partners, where someone could instantly and intimately appreciate the other’s thoughts, emotions, and actions, perhaps failing relationships could be saved, and people would lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Such technology to date has not been available to the public.

Enter Backyard Brain’s newest invention: The Human-Human-Interface, which can help couples going through difficult times restore that lost feeling through our latest Direct Stimulation Modulator (DSM-VI) interface. Do you feel like your words and actions have no emotional effect on your partner? With the human-human-interface, you will no longer experience this lack of affect. Quite the opposite will occur.

How does it work? One partner places the “action” electrodes on their body, and the other person places the “perception” electrodes on their body. These electrodes are then connected to our “unity” circuit, such that when one person “acts”, the other person directly “perceives” this action.

We have demo’d this in countries with various amorous tendencies and divorce rates, such as the U.S, Chile, Canada, Holland, and Mexico, and we have witnessed an improved connection between strangers and lovers when using this device. See video below.

This invention is available now and shipping immediately. Was your relationship saved due to the human-human-interface? We’d love to hear your testimonial. Now go tell your partner how important they are. If you need help, Backyard Brains is here for you.

Manuscript Published on Earthworm Conduction Velocity Experiments

Over the past year, we have worked on writing up our earthworm conduction velocity experiments for formal scientific publication. After one round of peer-review, we are pleased to announce the paper is now out! It is in the journal Advances in Physiology Education, published by one of our favorite organizations, the American Physiology Society. Read on intrepid readers!

We continue striving on in our earthworm investigations. For example, we recently released a temperature experiment on our website, and we are working on some nerve stretching experiments as well as second spike facilitation. Finally, we thank Professor Jeff Wilson of Albion College for collaborating with us on this work.