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Hi, I’m Ben. I just graduated high school and am planning on going to Michigan State University in the fall. I ran cross country and track and swam for my high school, but have decided to stop to focus on my studies. I am also an Eagle Scout and love to backpack or canoe when I get the chance. I will be studying computer science.


This summer, I will be working to convert some old Backyard Brains Matlab code into Python, a different programming language. This iteration will be cleaner and easier to understand than its predecessor and can make basic simple data analysis and creating visual graphs for publications easier.


I will also be lending a hand as needed with any of the other fellows. I have been coding since sophomore year, when I took AP Computer Science. I have taken every coding class that my high school offers, and I have been self studying to learn more Python. I am continually learning and excited for the challenges this summer will present.

Welcome 2018 Backyard Brains Fellows!

From left: Ben, Anusha, Yifan, Jessica, Aaron, Jess, Greg Gage (not a Fellow), Maria, Dan, Anastasiya, Molly, Ilya

Meet the Fellows, See the Projects

The fellows are off to a great start! This week has been focused on them getting their feet wet with our kits and learning about what we do here at Backyard Brains. Be sure to keep checking back for their blog posts introducing their projects:

As part of the fellowship, our new members will be keeping you updated with a number of blog posts, charting their summer research experiences. These posts are a great window in the world of citizen science! From start to finish, you can follow along with our fellows as they experience the triumphs and pitfalls of scientific inquiry.

You’ll be hearing a lot about our fellows and their projects for the next ten weeks. They’re excited to introduce themselves and their projects to you soon. Keep an eye out here, on our Facebook page, and Twitter for project updates and more!


The team has been working hard to bring their projects to life. Check out these first update blog posts on their rig construction and data collection efforts!

Second Progress Reports:

Science marches ever onward! The Fellows have kept plugging away on their research in between all the fun and games, and here are their newest updates!


The summer is winding down, and with it our Fellowship. While scientific exploration is never really finished, here are some wrap-ups from our Fellows on the projects they have devoted their inquiry to over the past weeks.