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Ramiz Kara’s experiment: The vitality of the breath, the brain on meditation

Ramiz Kara is a freshmen at Emory University as a Pre-Med track, and he had some questions. He wanted to know the effects of meditation on brain waves and abstract problem solving, so he decided to make his own experiment to measure this, using our EEG device, the Heart and Brain SpikerShield. Although he didn’t find conclusive results regarding the brain activity, starting the research and taking different tools to experiment towards solving this questions is the most important step and the essence of science.

Below are pictures and the presentation of the whole experiment process and methodology Ramiz used. Congratulations Ramiz!

If you are interested in seeing the brain activity during meditation, we recommend measuring Alpha waves: you can learn how to do this in our following experiment. Studies on mindfulness meditation, assessed in a review by Cahn and Polich in 2006, have linked lower frequency alpha waves, as well as theta waves, to meditation, but this review is not open access, so not everybody can read it to see the results or methodology to replicate the experiment. If you decide to do the experiment and want to make it open to the community, please write to us so we can post it in our blog.

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