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Backyard Brains Amazes Neuroscientists at SFN 2019!

SFN 2019 is over. It came and went so quick! But now our, and your, work really gets grooving.

From poster sessions, to chats, to socials, and time well spent at our exhibit(!), we hope everyone who attended enjoyed their time in Chicago! We know we did! And if you didn’t make it out (probably many of you(!)) we have a wonderful retrospect below.

One of the best take-aways from SFN every year is the attendee’s reactions to our science and tools! Everyone should take a quick scroll through our “Citizen-Journalism Scrapbook” – Scientists make great social media advocates, and their enthusiasm for hands-on neuroscience is contagious!

A Scientist’s Social Media Game is FIRE

We captured much of our own adventure on Instagram! And if you haven’t subscribed, definitely give our Insta a follow.

Check out the Insta story here to see a scrapbook of our adventure in Chicago!

Then, not to be outdone, check out the fine citizen-journalism performed by a handful of the 27,000 attendees to SFN 2019.

Some of the highlights? Our Human-Human Interface was a crowd pleaser as always, and we featured a few new demonstrations, including a dramatic new “Brain-Computer Interface” which put one of our Brains in direct control of World of Warcraft!

Attendees walked away with new knowledge and enthusiasm for neuroscience outreach! Our hands-on demos prove that anyone can become a neuroscience educator. Furthermore… it’s not just a nice idea, it’s an urgent need! By inspiring a new generation of neuroscientists, together, we can all work to bring about the Neurorevolution! Thanks SFN, see you next year!

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