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Backyard Brains interviewed by the Journal Nature!

Below you can listen to the interview that Nature Magazine had with Tim and Greg about the genesis of Backyard Brains. It was featured in the November 2008 version of Nature’s Neuropod podcast.

In this light-hearted interview, we describe the need for pushing technology into the hands of amateur neuroscientists and children everywhere.

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  1. Loved the interview! I love the fact that you do so much and you have you hands in evyhrteing and you’re just GOOD at what you do because you love it so much. (there’s a lot of love and much in that sentence, jeez). Also the fact that you are right around my age really is like a kick in the pants, reminding me to just keepa0on.a0Keep up the awesome .-= Melissa Dominicb4s last blog .. =-.

    Comment by Vashudev — 2012-May-20 @ 16:11

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