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The $3,000,000 Spike! BYB Sales Milestone

Since we opened our doors in 2010 with the $100 dollar spike, we’ve been working hard to create continue developing affordable, open source neuroscience experiments and educational materials. Seven years later, we’re excited to announce that we have exceeded $3,000,000 in sales! That is more money than the total of all of our grants prior to this month! Curious where that money comes from? Well, you’re in luck, we keep open books! If you haven’t seen it before, check out our finances page. It is exciting to see the growth!

Sales by Month/Year in USD

Here are some of our stats at the time of posting…

We’ve sold 11873 SpikerBoxes

We’ve sold to 85 different countries

Our biggest customers live in California, Michigan, New York, Washington, and Florida

This milestone is important to us, not just because it helps us keep a roof over our head, but because we see every sale as an investment. Every kit sold is a shared stake in our vision to bring neuroscience education to as many people as possible. Not every student will grow up to become a neuroscientist, but we believe it is extremely important that students are introduced to the basics of neuroscience at an early age. At its essence, neuroscience is an exploration of how our bodies function and who we are, and it is a field that is full of more mysteries than answers.

Strong sales and our recent grant prove that people are excited for neuroscience education. Like the grant funding, our sales are reinvested right back into research and development. We’ve got big plans with the next few years, and we’re excited to announce them as soon as we can! So be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

10,000 Spikerboxes!!!!111!!!one1!

As of this Monday, June 6 2016, we have made neuroscience history by selling our 10,000th Neuron Spikerbox!  You can see the count for yourself at our open finance page.

We would like to thank all of our customers so far for their support through the years.  Without you, we couldn’t bring first time spikes to so many people!

While the Spikerbox is our “core” product, and our first, it’s far from the only tool we sell to educators and aspiring neuroscientists. In addition to our numerous products, we have an extensive library of experiments suitable for classrooms, homes, or science fair projects!

So, will you help us reach 100,000 Neuron SpikerBoxes?  Maybe 10,000 Muscle SpikerBoxes?  If you’re all set with our products, keep using them and soon we’ll have over 100,000 first time spikes.

Last, but not least, we need to thank the humble cockroach-without these six legged heroes, the SpikerBox, and therefore Backyard Brains, could never have reached this point.  You can get some cockroaches for yourself, or show your love for them with our awesome t-shirts and roach logo mugs.

Thank you again, and continue on with the Neuro Revolution!