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ByB Partners with Business School

ByB applied last week to the second stage of the Zell Institute Dare to Dream grant. This grant, should we get it, will give us some funds for our initial runs of SpikerBoxes (stay tuned…we are close to final production). The grant, run every school semester by the UM Ross Business School, has three stages, from initial idea (design), to business hypothesis (assessment), to full blown business plan (integration). Once you get past the design stage, you have to partner with a business school student(s).

But, Tim and Greg are gearheads! We wouldn’t know what to do with a value chain diagram if one landed on our coxa! We don’t much hang around that part of campus. But have no fear. ByB, harking back to its renegade origins, went to the lobby of the business school to do some cold recruiting. Connie Chung and her team, through the persuasive cold pitching of Greg, joined ByB as partners for the grant. You can see us working at the local Expresso Royale on South U below. Wish us luck; we hear next week. Thanks Connie!

Business Partner

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