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Meet our Production Team

Perhaps, dear customer, you wonder how we keep costs low? Here we remove the curtain off our factory floor to show our production staff:

We offer door to door bus service:

We have found that small hands are optimal for cutting the circuit boards:

Taking a hint from our friends at Hewlett-Pakard (recent firing decision aside), we use a form of paired production call “extreme soldering.” Such a method allows us to find errors early, and reduces quality control costs.

We have also found we can increase savings by having employees share a pair of shoes, and observing a strict “no TV distraction” policy.

One unexpected benefit of having young staff is that they are not socially sophisticated enough to develop passive-aggressive tendencies, which are hard to spot but devastating to production for most companies. We can easily tell when morale is low.

We address morale problems by reassigning staff to cockroach husbandry when appropriate.

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