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3-Day Teacher Workshop a Smashing Success!

Texas Teachers Brave Michigan Winter for Neuroscience Ed Workshop, and Love it!

Nine teachers from Texas join up with a few of us Neuroscience Education nerds in snowy Michigan… and holiday magic happens!

Texas Teaches Neuroscience, do you?

This pilot teacher training workshop was an opportunity for a cohort of teachers from a Texas school district to work directly with us as they continue to develop and reiterate on their plans to integrate Neuroscience into the curriculum, along with other cutting-edge STEM subjects, to better expose their students to cutting-edge career opportunities and to help them become critical, scientific thinkers!

You can read a bit more about their county’s growing Neuroscience program here:

For our part, we were excited to help train these teachers on our tools, experiments, and curriculum. It was a Jam-Packed three days… For a taste of what we covered, check out these schedules below:

The workshop was fun and productive! Check out these tweets from the teachers themselves to see the action ~

The workshop was a stunning success and will inform future teacher training opportunities. If you’re interested in a similar chance to learn about how to teach neuroscience with Backyard Brains in your classroom, stay tuned! We are hoping to make this a more frequent occurrence in our Ann Arbor office.

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