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SpikerBox rejected by Computer History Museum

During Backyard Brains’ recent visit to California, one of our events was at the Computer History Museum. We are geeks at heart: Our heroes consist of the trilogy of Woz, Engelbart, and Roberts. Tim and Greg have gazed longingly at the core memory units, the signed Apple I, the memory drums, and all the other vintage artifacts in the wonderful museum. We dream of the day one of our inventions can have a place near the Altair and first Google Servers.

Thus, in a combination of humor and hubris (humbris?), Tim and Greg decided to donate their first SpikerBox board to the museum. We argued passionately to museum registrar Karen Kroslowitz that much as the computer revolution began with simple, homemade, and heartfelt electronics, we were attempting to do the same thing to the “neurorevolution,” and gee, wouldn’t the museum be honored to have our first board signed by us?

Sadly, wetware still is not in vogue at the museum, and we recently received our first board back. Ah well. They’ll come around.

Leaving the museum, Tim spied an old VW bus like his parents used to have in Germany in the 70’s. It’s not an El Camino but it will do. One day.

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