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Congrats to Connor and Michael, first high school students to build SpikerBoxes unsupervised

We have been slowly distributing ourSpikerBoxes to high schools (nine so far), in efforts to bring the sound of spikes to physics and biology labs around the country. Letizia Judd, biology teacher atSt. Mary’s Preparatory School in Orchard Lake, MI, recently purchased a fullDIY classroom kit, where even (off-menu) the stimulation and iPhone cables were built by the students. Mike and Connor, both seniors at the school, built fully working SpikerBoxes with zero, repeat zero!, help from us. They now join the ranks of neuroscience professors, post-docs, and graduate students who have built their own neuro-amplifiers. Congrats!The iPhone cables required minor repairs, which they fixed. St. Mary’s was also our first Michigan high school customer. Thanks for believing in us!


  1. It’s Connor and Mike!!! 😀 haha you guys are too funny! Oh geeze connor your face is priceless ;P hahaha.. Btw… For those who do not know, Connor is my boyfriend! 😀 and he is amazing! Lol. Oh! And those things are cool. 😀

    Comment by Kristin Flora — 2011-Feb-10 @ 23:55

  2. Good job guys!
    And thank you so much, Tim, for working with us when we needed help with those minor repairs!

    Comment by Letizia Judd — 2011-Feb-11 @ 12:58

  3. Hey Mike,

    Comment by Alex — 2011-Feb-14 @ 19:01

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