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Summer Neuroscience Workshop Empowers Educators to Teach Brain Science!

Recently we hosted a teacher training workshop in San Diego, featuring some of our newest tools and some new pedagogical strategies!

The focus was on the Muscle SpikerBox ProReaction Timer, and Reflex Hammer, which you can see featured in this TEDx Detroit Talk.

We received a lot of great feedback, and as part of our “open-source” nature of our company, we consider it a “Duty to Disclose” some of this feedback! Nothing held back, here is the bad, the good, the ugly, and the good again!

First… a very sincere and fair criticism:

What was missing?

What was missing? – “Coffee in the morning.”

We got a bit caught up in the excitement of the content and we forgot the most important thing about an educator’s morning ritual. Lots and lots of free coffee. We’ll fix that for next time.

“It is always helpful to have some draft presentations and data collection sheets in a version that we can revise for classroom use.”

A lot of teachers, like above, requested more rubrics, student handouts, and presentation materials! Good feedback, we’re working on it 🙂

The Ruler Drop – a class bad experiment!

What was good?

“Your curriculum resources are growing nicely and moving in the correct direction, particularly as focused in these workshops. The challenge I have is realistic implementation in a large group setting (30+ students), so this workshop really helped and Camden nicely modeled the “big picture” and how to incorporate the cool tech tools into meaningful lessons.”

We strive to make sure our tools and resources are easy to incorporate with any sized group of students… so it sounds like we are indeed making progress on that front! And we are continuing to develop and improve our resources. Be on the lookout for updated curriculum materials soon!

Calculating Reaction Times

What was awesome?

“Wonderful workshop!”


“This is one of the best workshops I have attended. I am quite ‘demanding’ in what I expect when I attend for free and attend on a weekend … this workshop FAR exceeded my expectations and the lessons will be incorporated into my curriculum immediately. Thanks for all your efforts!”

The kind words are encouraging! Thanks to everyone who attended. If you are interested in future workshops, you can join our email list by clicking here!

Reflex Hammer in Action!

The Tools to make it Possible

Want to perform the same labs and experiments with your students that we taught in the workshop? Check out this TEDx Detroit talk to see them in action, then buy the kits in the store and enhance your lab stations!

React, Reflex!

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