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Backyard Brains at A2 Tech Trek!


On June 17th, the A2 Tech Trek took place in downtown Ann Arbor hosted by Ann Arbor SPARK. The purpose of the Tech Trek was for ‘Downtown Ann Arbor technology companies opening their doors to the public’. Over 50 companies participated in this event with close to 500 people pre-registered. Backyard Brains participated in this year’s Tech Trek, and tried to get more involved with the community.

For the Tech Trek, we set up products including The RoboRoach, Human-Human-Interface for the public to enjoy. “Neuroscience for everyone”, indeed.

A son controlling his father’s arm, and his father looked so excited with our Human-Human-Interface.

Can you imagine controlling your friend’s arm? Make it reality with our Human-Human-Interface.

How cool is our RoboRoach? The RoboRoach is for everyone, too!

Our interns also prepared and presented their on-going projects. More than 300 people came to All Hands Active where most of the interns’ projects were set up. The interns spent their time explaining their projects to small groups of people who were interested in their project works. Most of the visitors were high school students interested in either neuroscience or tech and their parents. We hope it has helped people get closer to neuroscience! 


Backyard Brains Summer 2016 Interns!


(Interns at their daily morning lab meeting)

We’re excited to announce that we have 6 new interns in biology and engineering fields here for the summer! The Backyard Brains summer internship is an intensive 10 week program for students to participate in hands-on neuroscience research and experiment design with award-winning neuroscientists. Interns will be using Backyard Brains products as the foundation of each of their experiments. Their goal is to the use open source platforms to carry out experiments that bring neuroscience to the DIY community.

Our interns are working on independent research projects covering a host of different topics, ranging from dragonfly targeting to the neuroscience of free will. Interns will be posting regular updates of their progress here on our blog throughout the summer. Check back often!