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BYB Summer Camp Presents: Scorpions?! Why’d it have to be scorpions!? – A Screenplay by Dylan the Scorpion King

A pitiable foo

A scorpion by any other name

Greetings!  My name’s Dylan, and I’m interning at a company that loves cockroaches here in the land of the Wolverines, where I’m proud to represent Michigan State University’s burgeoning undergraduate neuroscience program. My project involves an examination of scorpion neuroscience, particularly the electrophysiology of their nervous system, and I’m working in collaboration with the Venom Evolution lab of Ashlee and Matthew Rowe at MSU (  Little is known about scorpions compared to other kinds of organisms, and even less is known about their nervous system. I’m hoping to shed some light on the shocking mysteries which still lay beneath the armor of these arachnids. (more…)