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The Grant Cycle is Over, and it’s now Dr. Gage

Backyard Brains has been rather quiet over the holiday season, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Notably, co-founder Gregory Gage successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in Biomedical Engineering on December 22nd. Congrats!

Gage Defense

Backyard Brains also met David Egner, head of the New Economy Initiative in Michigan, which is a sponsor of Tim’s Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellowship. Tim and David discussed the possibility of a Michigan Postdoctoral Program to fund recent Ph.D.s from Michigan schools to start companies.


Backyard Brains also moved out its old digs in the basement of the TechArb into the new location near the Google Offices on the fourth floor of the building at Liberty and Division…


..while we still make our final choices on chip selection for our first run of SpikerBoxes. Thanks for your patience everyone!


This Saturday (January 9th) also marked the end of the 6 week long grant run. We submitted three SBIR’s: 1 to the NSF, 1 to the NIH, and 1 to the Department of Education. In additional we submitted a few smaller grants: the GLEQ competition, the Advanced E-Team Grant, and finished a feasibility analysis for the the Dare to Dream Assessment competition. The Department of Education SBIR was turned in with five minutes to spare….


Now back to the fun stuff of hardware and experiment design….

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