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Backyard Brains iPhone Application Now Available. You can record your spikes in the field and on the go.

The SpikerBox allows you to amplify and listen to spikes in a cheap, portable, and easy way. Using the built-in headphone jack you can also record the spikes from your SpikerBox on a computer, but we all know modern laptops are way too bulky and are beginning to go out of style. What if you want to record and visualize your spikes, but only have your iPhone? Have no fear. You asked; we listened. The Backyard Brains iPhone Application is now available for download from the online App Store. What used to take a room full of equipment you can now fit in your hand. See some real recordings I made below from a cockroach; you don’t have to go to advanced college/graduate school to do this anymore!

Note: to go into the iPhone headphone jack, you need to modify a cable. It’s not too difficult; there needs to be 4.7 kOhm load in between the microphone and ground connections. You can also also order it from us if you don’t want to bust out your soldering iron and begin cutting cables.

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