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2-Channel SpikerBox Now Available. Measure Neuron Speed in Earthworms.

We hereby announce our 2-Channel SpikerBox. What can you do with it? Why, you can measure the speed of spikes as they travel down a nerve, in a truly “backyard” preparation using Earthworms. See our full experiment write up on how to do it! How fast is a spike? Faster than a car, faster than a plane, faster than a speeding bullet? Find out!

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  1. Hi, Backyard Brains!

    I’m exactly one of those persons you described. Interested in neuroscience but not a professor.

    My neuroscience knowledge:
    *Introduction to the brain’s biochemistry, SU (Anna Forsby).
    *Artificial neural networks, LTU. Backprop.,Simmulating evolutionary neural nets eg.
    *Programming, computer science at KTH.

    I allways have ideas BUT there is one idea that keeps looping in my mind. Can’t get it out of my head:

    Use Projector (connected to computer) to turn on optogenetically modified neurons in a culture dish?
    Close to the lense the light is strong, pixel intense and projector technologie is already developed.
    It’s an Easy “Computer to neuron dish” interface!
    Just a computer connected to projector, lighting up an optogenetic neuro dish close from below.
    It would be a programmers/my dream. I, as allmost any programmer, can directly control eatch (of the millions of) pixel 60 times/sec.

    First I thought about if it’s possible to just put the neurons on the screen! But the light is to weak. It must be laser or strong LED as in projector!!

    Think some people would be interested if they knew about this idea.

    /thanks, great science! Sweden

    I’ve only emailed two people about this idea and have got no response so wwont evestigate this idea futher… but if you know anyone to ask, about this idea, please email me or that person 🙂

    Comment by Andreas Malmberg — 2012-Jun-18 @ 19:49

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