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First Reaction Time Module Prototype Shipped! for a High School Science Project

One of the first ways neuroscientists were able to measure the “speed” of neural computation was via reaction time. A typical human reaction time, in which you push a button after seeing a light, is ~150-200 ms. With our new EMG SpikerBox, students can now measure the electrical activity of their muscles during movements. Thus, we have been designing reaction time modules that introduce a “tick” in a muscle recording so you can measure muscle contraction in response to a “stimulus” such as a light or a touch.  We’ve only used our prototypes internally for school demo’s over the past two months, but we received a call from a high school student last week requesting the gear for a science project! We were happy to say “bon voyage” to our first prototype, and we are now entering production in the next 1-2 months. Stay tuned to measure your own brain speed!

The Reaction Time Module plugs into the SpikerBox as a simple “pass-through” device…

…and when the light is activated, a tick appears in your recording! Note…we know 600 ms is on the slow end. Too much thinking about circuits….