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Backyard Brains Receives Gracious Pro Bono Modeling Work

Fellow engineers and scientists, you who see the term “modeling” and believe we are speaking of CAD drawings or Spice Simulations, we can assure you we are much less sophisticated and much more shallow. We are talking about hot people, and hot people holding our hot products. Last Friday as we were walking to our production floor (Greg’s apartment) to build some electrodes and SpikerBoxes, we noticed some photographers and models in front of our window! The oscilloscopes and sign had grabbed their attention.

The two local photographers, Justin Trupiano and Michael Shuster, and their models, were doing some contract work for a popular outdoor sportsware shop on State Street. We at Backyard Brains believe in taking advantage of unexpected opportunities, so we kindly asked the models and photographers if they would be willing to shoot a few pro bono shots with our gadgets and insects, in the spirit of helping a small Ann Arbor start-up (us). Quite cheerfully, they agreed! Thanks Justin and Mike! Below are the high quality beautiful photos. Feel the effect of the marketing. If you buy a SpikerBox, you can be like, and hang out with, people like this, the Salt of the Earth, Southeastern Michigan.


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